Some Reminders

Smoking on school grounds

A reminder that the school property is completely smoke free. As of a few years ago, it is illegal to smoke in or on school grounds, including in private vehicles. The use of vapour products is also prohibited. We thank you for your good example and cooperation. Please remind all other adults that may be dropping off or picking up your children of this policy.

Library Books

Every student will be able to borrow two books per week.

We are asking students to return or renew their books weekly.

After School Supervision

We ask you to make sure you pick up your children as promptly after the bell as possible, as students are supervised outside for only thirty minutes after school is dismissed. After that time, they will be brought inside the main building to sign in with the school office and wait for any parents who are late picking up. Parents are then required to come into the school and sign them out once they arrive. Before school, students should not be dropped off before the beginning of 8:15am morning Mass.  Students go into the parish church to attend Mass if they arrive before 8:30am. Once we begin morning sports practices, siblings of athletes may come and watch practices until 8:15am, at which time they will go over to the church to attend Mass.

School Lunches

We thank all of you for the great response toward healthy lunches last year.  We continue to respectfully request that NO FAST FOOD LUNCHES OR POP be brought to the school. We sometimes see “repackaged” fast food (Big Macs put into Tupperware) that should not be brought as lunches.   Information about our “Hot Lunch” program will be sent out shortly. Typically, we have two “Hot Lunches” per month. Any food that is sold in school must fulfill the requirements of the “Food Sales in Schools” legislation that came into effect a few years back.


If your child is absent form school, please call in the morning to advise the office.  It is not sufficient that a sibling advise the office of your child’s absence.  Please submit an absentee note upon their return. 

Contact Information

If your address or telephone number has changed over the summer, please verbally advise Ms. Vossen. If your banking information changes during the course of the year, please contact Mrs. Hartwell, our bookkeeper, so we don’t process a automatic debit from an old account.

School Assemblies and Liturgies

We once again invite all of you to our school assemblies, which will be held twice a month on Tuesday mornings at 11:00 a.m. in the Gym.  Each class will take the leadership role once during the year to lead the assembly. We will also be celebrating Living Rosaries and other para-liturgies as well as celebrating accomplishments of our students and many school programs. Parents are welcome to join us. Check out the monthly calendar for the dates of upcoming assemblies.

Extra Curricular Activities and Coaching

We invite any parents who are interested in coaching or assisting our Extra-Curricular Athletic Program to contact the principal to make arrangements.


We ask you once again to sign in at the office and take a badge before entering into the school hallways.  This is a safety precaution for all the children.  Safety Bulletins from the Delta police are sent out to you as situations arise and we ask that you discuss safety issues with your child. 

Electronic Devices

The use of electronic devices, hand held video games, MP3 players, I-Pods, Virtual Pets, cell phones, and digital cameras will not be permitted here at IC school during school hours (8:00am – 4:00pm).  If a student is carrying a cell phone for emergency purposes, it must be turned off, kept in their bag, and only used in emergency after school hours.  Students needing to call home must use the phone at the school office. 

Parents in the School

During school hours, we often have parents who need to drop off something for their child, or have a quick word with the teacher. For safety reasons, we can’t permit adults to enter the school beyond the office to visit classes. Teachers need to attend to their classes during school time and so can’t conference with parents between the morning and dismissal bells. If you need to speak to a teacher, please call the office and we will relay the message to the classroom teacher or other staff member and they can return your call. Any drop offs of lunches or other items, should be done at the main office with a note and we will deliver it to the child.