Uniform and Dress Code

All students attending Immaculate Conception School must wear the school uniform.  If at any time, a student is unable to wear a uniform, a note explaining the reason must be submitted to the classroom teacher.  The Immaculate Conception School uniform is as follows:

All items marked with an asterisk(*) MUST  be purchased from the uniform supplier.



Summer Uniform (May 1 - Oct.1)

 Gym Uniform

Dress for Recess Activities

For chilly, cold, or inclement weather, students are expected to be dressed appropriately with coats, hats, gloves and boots. Girls are permitted on cold days to bring warm pants to wear during recess times.


Please keep accessories simple and discreet. Girls may wear small earrings. However, for safety reasons, large or dangling earrings are not permitted in school or at school functions.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings at school or at school functions. 

Students are not permitted to colour, dye, bleach, highlight or streak their hair. 

Hair accessories (ties, clips, headbands, etc.) must be the uniform colour: gray, navy, black, or white.

No make up or nail polish is permitted.

All personal belongings including clothing should be marked with the student’s full name.


 Non-Uniform Days

For special occasions, which have a given theme, students are encouraged to dress in the spirit of this theme.  However, students may choose to wear the school uniform on these days.