Remember to drive slowly through the parking lot. The speed limit at all times is 10km/h.

Traffic Procedures

  • A reminder to all our families that the speed limit in the parking lot is 10km/hour maximum.
  • It is the responsibility of parents to inform any drivers they may ask to pick up or drop off their children of the school traffic procedures.
  • There is a series of pylons in front of the school, which outline the drop-off lane in the morning. Please pull all the way forward so we can unload as many cars as possible. Make sure the children have their bags ready to exit out of the right side of the vehicle only as cars are permitted to pass on the left. If a parent needs to exit to help unload, please find a designated parking spot in the lot and unload there.
  • If parking in the gravel lot, enter through the lane closest to the main lot and exit through the lane at the rear on the property. Be very careful to park in an orderly fashion on the gravel and to be sure not to block any other vehicle.
  • Handicap parking stalls are only for use of vehicle displaying the appropriate sign. They are not to be used by any other vehicles even for a brief time to pick up or drop off.
  • There is no parking permitted in the lane behind Lordco Auto Parts, even for a short time. There are no parking signs posted and we have had a continued problem with parents parking along the fence waiting for their children after school. Please do not park there at any time.
  • Never pick up your children in the driving lanes. After school, please park in a designated spot and have your children enter your vehicle there. We It is extremely dangerous to have drivers stop in the middle of traffic and have their children get into vehicles without parking.
  • If you park behind the Annex to drop off or pick up, please back into the stalls. This allows you to pull straight out into the line of traffic instead of backing out and into traffic or children crossing the lane.
  • The fire lane exit behind the Annex building is open before and after school for 20 minutes. Please exit slowly and come to a complete stop at the stop sign just outside the gate. Always yield to any traffic that is exiting from the underground parking of the apartments on the left of the exit. Under no circumstances should cars enter the property through the fire lane.