Parent's Prayer

Heavenly Father, help me to be true to the great privilege and great responsibility that you have given to me.  Teach me to be both an example and a friend to my children.  Grant that I may never be so busy with outside things that I do not have time to assist them in their needs, correct them in their errors and share with them in their joy.  Help me to understand how much they need me.

May I never be irritable or impatient.  Give me your necessary grace when my children take me for granted and do not appreciate the extra work they cause me.  When I am physically tired or weary in mind may I always remember that my frustrations must not come in the way of my love for my children.  But give me the courage to be able to say “no”.

Above all, dear Lord, may I be an inspiration by example for them to grow up in Your ways—to be kind and generous, honest and truthful, merciful and just.  Lead them, through me, to know you and to turn to you in their joys and sorrows, in their cares and anxieties so that they may acknowledge You as their Father and Jesus as their Brother.  Amen