Parent Handbook

Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Recognizing the need for limitations on the enrollment at Immaculate Conception School, policies have been established to prioritize application for admission.

Application for enrollment will be given preference in the following order:

  1. Children presently enrolled, and their siblings whose families are registered members of Immaculate Conception Parish and who are up to date in their payment of fees and participation.
  2. Children of registered families of Immaculate Conception Parish who have previously applied.
  3. Children of families registered in Immaculate Conception Parish.
  4. Children transferring from other Catholic schools with a recommendation from the previous pastor.
  5. Children of Catholic families not registered in Immaculate Conception Parish.
  6. Children of non–Catholic families.
  7. Children of families registered in the school who are delinquent in their fees and/or participation.


Policy For Dealing With Major Complaints

Our central governing body, the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese, has developed a policy for dealing with major complaints.  The policy is outlined here and full details are available in the office.

In a Catholic school, parents, students, teachers and support staff form an integral part of the Christian school community.  The administration, teachers and parents must work closely together in the formation of their children according to the Gospel.  To this end, parents are expected to be familiar with, accept and support the philosophy and policies of the school.  Parents indicate this by signing the Statement of Commitment as teachers do when they sign their contracts.

From time to time issues may arise where the concerned parties differ in their perspectives.  In these cases both concerned parties are expected to work towards the resolution of the issue in a Christian manner, respecting each other’s point of view. All parties must maintain confidentiality with respect to all information surrounding the particular issue.

The following summarizes the steps, which must be followed.

The issue must first be dealt with the persons involved. If the issue cannot be resolved using the suggested strategies, the matter must be brought to the attention of the principal of the school.  The principal will follow the outline guidelines to come to a judgment in the matter.  If the principal’s resolution is not accepted, the matter may be appealed to the Education Committee.  This appeal must be submitted in writing no more than seven days after the principal’s decision has been received.  The education committee will notify the parents and principal of its decision within seven days of meeting. 

The Board of Directors may consider an appeal of the Education Committee’s decision for reasons that the board considers valid and appropriate.


Religious Education

The school uses the program, Called to Faith, which is recommended by the Archdiocese of Vancouver.  This program is supplemented by the study of the liturgical year and feast days.  Additional programs used are “Celebrate The Eucharist” for First Holy Communion preparation, “I’m a Gift from God” (K –3),  “Confirmed in the Spirit” (Confirmation) and “Love and Life” (7).

During the year there are regularly scheduled School Masses.  Students are given an opportunity to share in the preparation of these Masses.  All students are expected to participate fully in the celebration of the Eucharist and other Church related functions.  The dates of these Masses are listed on the calendar in the Student Handbook. 


We use the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education in British Columbia in conjunction with the guidelines established by the Archdiocese of Vancouver.


There will be three formal written report cards during the school year.  Conferences and interim reports supplement these.


The Principal, in consultation with teachers, will decide the grade promotion for students.  In all cases, parents will be consulted.

Field Trips

Field Trips

The staff at Immaculate Conception school, are obliged to inform parents and obtain their permission for their children to participate in all school field trips.  Parents will be asked to complete a “Field Trip Consent Form”.   This form is intended to inform parents of the purpose of the trip as well as the possible risks involved in some of the activities that the children will participate in while away from the school.  No student will attend an out of class field trip without parental permission.  If there are any concerns about a field trip, contact the teacher immediately.

Extra–Curricular Activities

Immaculate Conception School offers a variety of extra-curricular activities in the area of Fine Arts, Athletics, Academics and Service.  All students are encouraged to participate in one or more of these extra-curricular activities.  Any student who neglects his studies may be denied participation in these activities until he shows improvement. This decision will be made by the Administration in communication with the parents, the Director of Extra-Curricular Activities and the classroom teacher.

Outdoor Education Program

The Immaculate Conception School Outdoor Education Program may include the following activities:

  • classroom/school field trips
  • skating/skiing
  • Grade Seven camping activity in May


General Assemblies

Regularly scheduled General Assemblies are designed to develop the spirit of Christian Community within the school by enabling students to share their talents and creativity with their fellow students, teachers and parents.  General Assemblies for the school year are printed on the calendar in the Student Handbook.

Special Assemblies

From time to time the Administration will bring the entire student body together to review rules, to present students with awards, or to make special announcements.

Prayer Partner Program

A special feature of Immaculate Conception School is the Prayer Partner program in which older students are paired with younger students.  It is hoped that through this program our students will learn to develop a greater sense of responsibility and friendship for each other.

Non-Uniform Days

For special occasions, which have a given theme, students are encouraged to dress in the spirit of this theme.  However, students may choose to wear the school uniform on these days.


Homework will be assigned to students on a regular basis to help develop self-discipline and good study habits.  Students are responsible for completing their homework.  Parents and teachers play a role to ensure that homework is completed.  It is the policy of this school to expect assigned homework to be completed and turned in on time.

High Risk Field Trips

High Risk Field Trips

The staff at Immaculate Conception school, are obliged to inform parents and obtain their permission for their children to participate in all school field trips.  In the case of High Risk Field Trips such as the Grade 7 Outdoor Education Field Trip, parents will be asked to complete a “High Risk Field Trip Consent Form”.   This form is intended to inform parents of the purpose of the  trip as well as the possible risks involved in some of the activities that the children will participate while away from the school.  Any parent who has children participating in “High Risk Field Trips” must complete all forms and understand the nature of such trips.

PEC Welcoming Letter

Dear Parents:

On behalf of the Parish Education Committee, welcome to Immaculate Conception School.

 As parents we try to offer our children the best in education. By choosing to send your child to a Catholic School you acknowledge that Christ is the centre of education and the school provides a rich environment of growth in the Faith.

 The curriculum at Immaculate Conception achieves the B.C. Ministry of Education requirements and is enriched with a religious program that is approved by the Archdiocese of Vancouver. At Immaculate Conception we strive to develop each child’s respect for him/herself, their peers, teachers, staff and parents, as well as for the community. Together, we can prepare our children for a successful future.

 The Parish Education Committee welcomes any and all feedback. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact one of the committee members or our Principal, Mr. Maurice Jacob.

 Thank you for entrusting your children to Immaculate Conception School.  We look forward to a very successful year for all our students.

Yours Truly,

Susanne Munro

Education Committee Chairperson


Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)

Under this act our students, parents and employees’ rights are protected.  The school has put into place policies which require the collection of personal and financial information in a manner that is secure and safe.  We adhere to the Act and will protect each individual’s rights and use the personal information to provide your children with the best possible educational services as set out in our school’s Mission Statement.

School Attendance

School Timetable

The organization of the school day is marked by the ringing of school bells according to the schedule printed below.  Expectations for students during these times are described in the next section of this handbook.

Students are expected to be engaged in school activities from 8:50 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  The schedule for grades K – 7 are listed below.

8:50 School Begins
10:30 Morning Recess Begins
10:45 Morning Recess Ends
12:00 noon Noon Recess
12:30 Recess Ends, Lunch begins
12:45 Lunch Ends
2:55 Prepare to Dismiss (2:10 P.M. on Mondays)
3:00 Dismissal (2:15 P.M. on Mondays)

Lateness, Absences and Early Dismissals

Whenever a student is going to be absent or significantly late a phone call to the office (604 596 6116) is required before 8:45 A.M.  In addition, whenever a student is absent from school a note must be sent to the school when the pupil returns, giving the reason for the absence even though a phone call has been made to the office.  A note is essential for school records and is required by the Ministry of Education.

As well as to explain absences, notes are also required to explain extraordinary lateness or to request early dismissal. For an early dismissal, the note should be handed to the classroom teacher first thing in the morning. After the teacher has initialed the note, it is brought to the office along with the teacher’s attendance book. A student who is late or returning to school after an appointment must first report to the office to obtain a late slip.  No late student may enter a classroom without this slip.  Students requesting an early dismissal slip must do so at the beginning of the day from their classroom teacher. When the student leaves the school they must notify the office of their departure.

Whenever an intermediate (grades 4 – 7) student returns to class after an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to meet the teacher to get work, assignments or quizzes that were missed.  It is not the teacher’s responsibility to pursue students in these matters.

School Closing

In the event of school closing due to severe weather, please visit the school web site at or listen to CKNW 980 for details.  If the school will be closed an announcement will be made between 6:30am and 7:00am and repeated often.  Please do not call the school.

School Bus

School Bus Service

The Education Committee authorizes all policies and procedures relating to the operation of the school bus.

Applications for students riding the school bus will be included with registration package and must be submitted each year.

The routing of the school bus and acceptance of ridership will be determined before the first day of school.  All applicants will be contacted.

Fees for School bus

  Return Trip One Way
1 student $50.00/month $30.00/month
2 or more students $65.00/month $40.00/month

Returned cheques will be subject to a charge of $10.00 each.

Bus fees are reviewed annually by the P.E.C.  All bus fees must be paid by separate post-dated cheques dated the first of each month and must be submitted to the school with the Registration package.

Automobile Liability (Volunteer Drivers )

The Archdiocese of Vancouver has a special liability policy that increases the person’s liability coverage for each volunteer driver when transporting students to and from school activities (i.e. Field Trips).

School Safety

Safety Drills

Immaculate Conception School follows the fire drill procedures required by the Delta Fire Department.  Fire Drills are held in both school buildings once every two months. Expectations for these drills are given to all teachers and substitute teachers and are posted in the classrooms.  Immaculate Conception School also follows the outline of earthquake drill published by the CISVA “Responding to a School Emergency.”

Immaculate Conception School follows the School Lockdown procedures established by the Delta Police. Code Yellow drills are held at least twice per year. Expectations for these drills are reviewed with staff annually as are the procedures to follow in a Code Yellow and Code Red lockdown situation. 

Traffic Safety

Everyone is required to follow the traffic pattern and obey the directions as established by the school.  Special care should be taken at the beginning and the end of each school day.

Bicycle Safety

Students who ride their bicycles are asked to follow all regular traffic regulations.  Students should walk their bicycles through all crosswalks. No student is permitted to ride a bicycle on the school grounds form 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Bicycles should be walked during these times. All bicycles are to be locked to the bicycle rack.

Special Areas

Office Area and School Telephone

The phone in the main office only is available to students in emergency situations and with the permission of the office staff. Forgetting a lunch, school money, a gym uniform and making after school arrangements are not emergencies. Students must be responsible in these matters.


Students are permitted in the gymnasium only under the direct supervision of a teacher.  During intramural events, pep rallies and athletic contests students are expected to show enthusiasm, sportsmanship, respect and appropriate behavior.  The use of the gym during school hours is to be coordinated through the Administration and the Athletic Director. Requests for evening use for school activities must be made to the Administration.

Big Toy

Students are permitted to use the Big Toy during school hours according to the printed schedule and only when under the supervision of an adult.  The Big Toy area is not available for play before and after school.  No running or chasing or aggressive behavior is permitted in the Big Toy area.

School Grounds

Students may use the school grounds for play in their designated areas.

Areas where play is not allowed are:

  • In or around the Church and Rectory
  • In or around the PREP office
  • In the teacher parking area (South and West of the Annex)
  • Behind the Main Building

Leaving the School Grounds

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours unless they are in the company of a parent/guardian or if they present a note to the office that is signed by the parent/guardian. These guidelines are in effect for all school-related activities before, during, or after school.  We discourage students from running errands during the lunch or recess break.  Students are required to follow all school rules on the way to and from school.  Students are strongly discouraged from going to corner stores on their way to and from school.  Parents are encouraged to support these rules.

School Bus

All school policies apply to the school bus and public transportation. There is to be no eating or chewing of gum on the school bus. The bus driver will report any incidence of inappropriate behavior to the Principal or Vice-Principal and the parents will be notified. A second incident will result in a five school day suspension from the bus. Any further incident will result in expulsion from the bus as well as other possible consequences. The Principal, in communication with Chairperson of P.E.C., is responsible for making this decision.  Willful damage to the bus is a serious infraction.  Parents of students involved will be expected to make full restitution.

School Property

Students are responsible for any damage or loss to school issued textbooks, equipment and sports uniforms.  Textbooks and notebooks not left in desks or on shelves at school should be taken home for the night.

Parish Education Committee

The Parish Education Committee

The Parish Education Committee will assist the Pastor in the operation of the school as outlined in the C.I.S.V.A. Policy and Reference Book.  The Education Committee is composed of the Pastor, the Chairperson and six other members.  Five members are elected and the Pastor appoints two.  Eligibility, term of office and responsibilities are outlined in the C.I.S.V.A. Policy and Reference Book.  The Education Committee shall meet at least ten times per year.  All members are expected to be in attendance at all meetings.  The Chairperson heads all Education Committee meetings.

Education Committee members should develop an informed understanding of the nature and operation of the school and other schools to guide them in their decision making.  To assist them, all members will receive the C.I.S.V.A. Policy and Reference Book and the Immaculate Conception School Handbook.  All Education Committee members should become familiar with the contents of these books.  All members should also be prepared to serve on subcommittees when necessary.

The Principal shall participate in meetings of the Education Committee and shall submit a written operational report.  A Teaching Staff Representative shall also participate in these meetings (except for “in camera” sessions) and will present a report.  Requests for non–members to speak at these meetings must be in writing and received by the Principal, Pastor and Chairperson at least seven days in advance of the scheduled meeting.  Extra-ordinary meetings may be required and may be called by the Chairperson as needed.  The Education Committee may also require various subcommittees which may be permanent or temporary.  Permanent role descriptions for the Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Staff Representative are listed below:

The Chairperson

The Chairperson of the Education Committee is to work closely with the Pastor and the Principal.  The responsibilities of the Chairperson are listed below.

  • Chair all meetings of Parish Education Committee.
  • Prepare a meeting agenda with Pastor and Principal.
  • Ensure that a quorum is present.
  • Ensure that policies and decisions of the Education Committee are executed.
  • Make available to members information that is distributed by the Central Office of the C.I.S.V.A.
  • Process all correspondence on behalf of the committee.
  • Represent the P.E.C. at Parish Council meetings or assign a delegate
  • Ensure that all duties of Education Committee officers are executed.
  • Be a signing officer on Education Committee documents.

The Vice-Chairperson

The Vice-chairperson of the Education Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • To be acting chairperson during the chairperson’s absence.
  • To be the Society delegate/representative.
  • To carry on any other duties as assigned.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Education Committee is responsible to the P.E.C for recording and reporting the receipt of all monies received by Immaculate Conception School as income or disbursed for school expenditures on behalf of either The Catholic Public Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese or Immaculate Conception School.  Other responsibilities of the Treasurer are:

  • Ensure that all monies described above are held and operated in bank accounts under the title of The Catholic Public Schools Archdiocese or Immaculate Conception School;
  • Share responsibility with the Pastor for the supervision of bank accounts under the above named titles;
  • Ensure that an effective accounting/bookkeeping system exists to properly and accurately record all financial transactions operated in any manner whatsoever under the above titles;
  • To be a signing officer on all Immaculate Conception school bank accounts;
  • Coordinate the preparation of an annual budget in consultation with the Pastor, other P.E.C members and the Principal;
  • Submit to P.E.C members a monthly printed financial report.

The Secretary

The secretary of the Education Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure proper and thorough reporting and documentation of all committee-meeting proceedings.
  • Take attendance at all committee meetings.
  • Duplicate and circulate to all members of the committee the minutes of previous meetings.
  • Ensure the minutes are received by members at least one week prior to regular meetings.
  • Collect reports from sub committees.
  • Reply to and process Education Committee correspondence in consultation with the chairperson
  • File all correspondence, minutes and reports.

Staff Representative

The Staff Representative, a teacher under contract, is elected by the staff for a one year term.  The responsibilities of the Staff Representative are:

  • To attend the P.E.C meetings and provide a report;
  • To be a liaison between the P.E.C and staff.

Parent Participation Program

Our Catholic School is part of the Christian Community and parents are expected to participate in some areas to help support the operation of the school.  The Parent Participation Program functions under the direction of the Parish Education Committee.  The P.E.C oversees the operation of this program. However it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they have completed their work participation. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. In as much as the P.E.C. will try to facilitate all the various work programs it is ultimately the responsibility of the parents to make sure that they complete their participation. 

Participation is expected to take place between July 1 and June 30 of the following year.

· A participating family with children enrolled in the school is committed to a minimum of 40 hours service per school year depending on the category chosen.  Participating families who fail to deliver committed services will have to pay a penalty fee levied by the P.E.C.

· A non-participating family will pay a surcharge over and above the tuition fee in lieu of contributed hours of service.

Those who by reason of special circumstances cannot participate or pay the surcharge must contact the Pastor for special exemption.

SPECIAL NOTE: Those who fail to fulfil their participation and have not received a special exemption will not be accepted by the school in the following year.

Uniform And Dress Code

Uniform Policy

All students  attending Immaculate Conception School must wear the school uniform.  If at any time, a student is unable to wear a uniform, a note explaining the reason  must be submitted to the classroom teacher.  The Immaculate Conception School uniform is as follows:

All items marked with an asterisk(*) MUST  be purchased from the uniform supplier NEAT Uniforms.


  • *Navytwill pants (plain)
  • *Navy long sleeved crested pullover sweater, cardigan or crested vest
  • *White crested golf shirt
  • All black dress shoe or solid black runner.No high tops permitted
  • Solid navy, black or white socks— no sockettes permitted


  • K—3 *Plaid tunic, knee length
  • 4 —7 * Plaid kilt—knee length
  • *Navytwill pants (plain)
  • *Crested white golf shirt
  • *Navy crested cardigan, v-neck pullover or crested school vest
  • White or navy blue knee highs or tights— no sockettes permitted
  • Navy slacks may be worn for field trips that call for such attire
  • All black dress shoe or solid black runner. No sandals, open back shoes; two inch heel maximum.

Summer Uniform (May 1 - Oct.1)

  • *Navy walking shorts (Boys)
  • *Navy skort (Girls)
  • *Crested white golf shirt
  • White socks— no sockettes permitted
  • All black dress shoe or solid black runner.

Gym Uniform

  • I.C. shirt and shorts (purchased through the school)
  • Non-marking white soled runners – to be worn for P.E. only
  • Drawstring bag to store gym uniform at school

Dress for Recess Activities

For chilly, cold or inclement weather students are expected to be dressed appropriately with coats, hats, gloves and boots. Girls are permitted on cold days to bring warm pants to wear during recess times.


Please keep accessories simple and discreet. Girls may wear small earrings. However, for safety reasons, large or dangling earrings are not permitted in school or at school functions.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings at school or at school functions. 

Students are not permitted to colour, dye, bleach, highlight or streak their hair. 

Hair accessories (ties, clips, headbands, etc.) must be the uniform colour: gray, navy, black, or white.

No make up or nail polish is permitted.

All personal belongings including clothing should be marked with the student’s full name.

Parental Expectations

Parent Code of Conduct

The CISVA Board recognizes parents as the primary educators of their child and, therefore, important role models in the Mission of the Church shared by Catholic Schools. This is demonstrated by parents in proclaiming and building the Kingdom of God, promoting a faith community within the family and community at large, committing to excellence in Catholicity in all areas of a child’s development, and supporting the development of Christian leaders, responsible citizens and life-long learners.

All CISVA schools will have a Parent Code of Conduct to inform the school community of expected conduct based on the principles of respect for rights and dignity of all persons in order to promote a safe and respectful environment within the school community.


Parents are expected to (but not limited to):

  • Be examples of Catholic witness (those parents who are Catholic) by attending Sunday Mass (proclaiming and building the Kingdom of God – see Family Statement of Commitment).
  • Be supportive of the Mission of the Catholic Church and supportive of the religious educational programs of the school.
  • Respect those in positions of rightful authority
  • Respect the rights and dignity of all persons in the parish/school community at all times.
  • Show an active interest in their child’s school work and progress as well as attend required meetings (Sacramental meetings, Human Growth and Development Meetings, student progress interviews/conferences etc.).
  • Ensure their child attends school regularly, is on time and is prepared
  • Work cooperatively with teachers in all areas of their child’s school life including disciplinary issues.
  • Work towards the common good of all children.
  • Be familiar with their school’s codes of conduct and regulations (i.e. uniforms, internet use, traffic safety on school grounds etc.)
  • Take concerns to the appropriate person(s). Follow the complaints procedure as provided in CISVA policy.
  • Build bridges of acceptance and understanding among the different cultures represented in the school community.


The Pastor/Archbishop’s Representative has the right and duty to provide for the spiritual welfare of the students and families within the parish and the school. They work towards this end with parental cooperation.

The Principal in law has the discretionary right to prohibit or remove any person on school premises and property who is deemed to be an immediate threat (in deed or word) to the safety of students and/or employees and/or any other member of the school community. The Principal will inform the Education Committee, Pastor and Superintendent’s Office when such action is taken. 

The Education Committee, in consultation with the principal, reserves the right to determine consequences for non-compliance. 

Registration and Mandatory Meeting

There is one mandatory meeting every year in March, which all families are required to attend. Registration packages are handed out at this meeting. Families failing to attend this meeting will have their registration fee for the up-coming year increased by $100.

Registration packages are to be returned, in person, at the times and dates announced. Failure to return the packages on the specified dates will incur a fine of $100 which will be added to the registration fee.

After submitting the registration package, any family that falls into arrears will have their registration suspended and will have their spot filled by another family, unless the arrears is paid in full.

Parent Participation Program

Parent Participation Program

Our Catholic School is part of the Christian Community and parents are expected to participate to help support the operation of the school.  The Parent Participation Program functions under the direction of the Parish Education Committee. The PEC will try to facilitate all the various work programs but it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to ensure that they complete their participation as instructed.

Participation is expected to take place between July 1 and June 30 the following year.

  • A participating family with children enrolled in the school is committed to a minimum of 40 hours service per school year.   
  • It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that they complete their assigned Parent Participation hours. Failure to do so by the end of the school year may result in the processing of your parent participation deposits. 
  • Participating families are required to sign a pre-authorized deposit form authorizing the withdrawal, from their account, of $100, then $150 and then $200 for failure to deliver committed services. If the parent is unable to fulfill their scheduled services, it is the responsibility of the parent to find an approved replacement.  If the parent (or replacement) has missed a scheduled session or fails to sign in/out, and does not report with a valid reason within 24 hours to their co-ordinator, a debit will be processed.  Subsequent missed scheduled sessions (or failure to sign in/out) will result in further debits being processed. 
  • A non-participating family will pay a surcharge of $400.00 over and above the tuition fee in lieu of contributed hours of service.  This pre-authorized payment may be processed in two $200 installments on September 1st and November 1st.
  • Any family that is fined two or more times in one year for missing their Parent Participation shift may be required, by the PEC, to opt-out of the Parent Participation Program the following year by paying the opt-out fee.

No Smoking or Use of Vapour Products

No Smoking or Vapour Products

There is no smoking or use of vapour products permitted anywhere on parish/school property or in any of the buildings on

the property. Drivers or passengers in automobiles which are on the parish/school property are

not permitted to smoke or use vapour products either.