Special Activities

School Masses

During the year there are regularly scheduled School Masses. Students are given an opportunity to share in the preparation of these Masses. All students are expected to participate fully in the celebration of the Eucharist and other Church related functions.

General Assemblies

Regularly scheduled General Assemblies are designed to develop the spirit of Christian community within the school by enabling students to share their talents and creativity with their fellow students, teachers and parents. General Assemblies for the school year are printed on the calendar in the Student Handbook.

Special Assemblies

From time to time the Administration will bring the entire student body together to review rules, to present students with awards, or to make special announcements.

Prayer Partner Activities

A special feature of Immaculate Conception School is the Prayer Partner program in which older students are paired with younger students. It is hoped that through this program our students will learn to develop a greater sense of responsibility and friendship.

Non-Uniform Days

For special occasions that have a given theme, students are encouraged to dress in the spirit of this theme.  However, students may choose to wear the school uniform on these days.