The Parish Education Committee

The Parish Education Committee will assist the Pastor in the operation of the school as outlined in the C.I.S.V.A. Policy and Reference Book.  The Education Committee is composed of the Pastor, the Chairperson and six other members.  Five members are elected and the Pastor appoints two.  Eligibility, term of office and responsibilities are outlined in the C.I.S.V.A. Policy and Reference Book.  The Education Committee shall meet monthly.  All members are expected to be in attendance at all meetings.  The Chairperson heads all Education Committee meetings.

Education Committee members should develop an informed understanding of the nature and operation of the school and other schools to guide them in their decision making.  To assist them, all members will receive the C.I.S.V.A. Policy and Reference Book and the Immaculate Conception School Handbook.  All Education Committee members should become familiar with the contents of these books.  All members should also be prepared to serve on subcommittees when necessary.

The Principal shall participate in meetings of the Education Committee and shall submit a written operational report.  A Teaching Staff Representative shall also participate in these meetings  (except for “in camera” sessions) and will present a report.  Requests for non–members to speak at these meetings must be in writing and received by the Principal, Pastor and Chairperson at least seven days in advance of the scheduled meeting.  Extra-ordinary meetings may be required and may be called by the Chairperson as needed.  The Education Committee may also require several roles and various subcommittees.  These may be permanent or temporary.  Permanent role descriptions for the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Staff Representative are listed below.

The Chairperson

The Chairperson of the Education Committee is to work closely with the Pastor and the Principal.  The responsibilities of the Chairperson are listed below.

  • Chair all meetings of Parish Education Committee.
  • Prepare a meeting agenda with Pastor and Principal.
  • Ensure that a quorum is present.
  • Ensure that policies and decisions of the Education Committee are executed.
  • Make available to members information that is distributed by the Central Office of the C.I.S.V.A.
  • Process all correspondence on behalf of the committee.
  • Represent the P.E.C. at Parish Council meetings.
  • Ensure that all duties of Education Committee officers are executed.
  • Be a signing officer on Education Committee documents.

The Vice-Chairperson

 The Vice-chairperson of the Education Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • To be acting chairperson during the chairperson’s absence.
  • To be the Society delegate/representative.
  • To carry on any other duties as assigned.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Education Committee is responsible to the P.E.C for recording and reporting the receipt of all monies received by Immaculate Conception School as income or disbursed for school expenditures on behalf of either The Catholic Public Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese or Immaculate Conception School.  Other responsibilities of the Treasurer are:

  • Ensure that all monies described above are held and operated in bank accounts under the title of The Catholic Public Schools Archdiocese or Immaculate Conception School;
  • Share responsibility with the Pastor for the supervision of bank accounts under the above named titles;
  • Ensure that an effective accounting/bookkeeping system exists to properly and accurately record all financial transactions operated in any manner whatsoever under the above titles;
  • To be a signing officer on all Immaculate Conception school bank accounts;
  • Coordinate the preparation of an annual budget in consultation with the Pastor, other P.E.C members and the Principal;
  • Submit to P.E.C members a monthly printed financial report.

The Secretary

The secretary of the Education Committee has the following responsibilities.

  • Ensure proper and thorough reporting and documentation of all committee-meeting proceedings.
  • Take attendance at all committee meetings.
  • Duplicate and circulate to all members of the committee the minutes of previous meetings.
  • Ensure the minutes are received by members at least one week prior to regular meetings.
  • Collect reports from sub committees.
  • Reply to and process Education Committee correspondence in consultation with the chairperson
  • File all correspondence, minutes and reports.

Staff Representative

The Staff Representative, a teacher under contract, is elected by the staff for a one year term.  The responsibilities of the Staff Representative are:

  • To attend the P.E.C meetings and provide a report;
  • To be a liaison between the P.E.C and staff.

Education Committee

Fr. Amador Abundo - Pastor     Phone: 604-591-2271

Ann Kishor, Chairperson 

Cheryl Vaz, Vice-Chair 

Charlotte Wong, Secretary 

Suzanna Topic, Treasurer  

James Zietarski, Parent Participation

Avagail Carnate , Parent Paricipation

Jane Rashed, Uniforms  ( )